The Great Alaska Bush Company

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Great Alaska Bush Company


The Great Alaska Bush Company


If you find your self rebel enough to travel to Alaska, which in itself is worthy of a book on living a mans life in mans country. Alaska is one of the most amazing places I have traveled too in the world, the wild beauty of the state is awe inspiring. From the moment you fly over the snow covered peaks you realize you are entering a lost world of nature and wild. Alaska is not a place for the timid or the weak, it is a huge land that is nearly a third of the size of the whole United States. Alaska is a mans land full of opportunity that brings the wild west to mind, from the beginnings of the Alaska Pipe Line in the early 1970′s, the fishing industry and the gold mining, Alaska lures men of adventurous spirit to claim their fortune and destiny.

Money is good for those men that work on the North Slope or the fishing industry and some men have made fortunes gold mining in the wilds of Alaska. The one thing Alaska seems to be lacking is the one thing men desire most, which is women. The latest census data show there are 114 single men for every 100 single women in Alaska, compared to 86 single men for every 100 single women nationally (and 80 to 100 in New York State). With all the testosterone and money floating in the Alaskan air one business that was sure to flourish is the strip joints that are abundant in the state. In Anchorage just five minutes from the airport is located the most famous in Alaska and is even well known world wide, since Alaska is an international connection point.

The Great Alaska Bush Company stands among the industrial building that dot the streets next to it. The Great Alaska Bush Company resembles an old western saloon, the kind you would see in a Clint Eastwood western, which is fitting of Alaska. When you enter the club you are greeted by the bouncer who checks your ID and lets you pass with no cover charge, which is rare these days. Immediately your testosterone levels raise due to the plethora of alluring women walking around in various costumes. The girls are bouncing around the club flirting with the patrons and earning their money by performing table dances, which are performed in booths that are visible from anywhere in the bar. Even if you did not pay for a table dance you get to watch for free from anywhere in the club. Cocktail waitress at the Great Alaska Bush Company are also dressed scantily and make their rounds making sure the guys and the few couples that are in the audience are getting their drinks. The bar is well stocked with top shelf alcohol and souvenirs.

One thing that seemed odd for a strip joint is there were no stripper poles in the Great Alaska Bush Company, just one large dance stage with a mirrored background. The girls work the stage in rotation each performing two songs, usually the first song the dancers get partly nude and by the second song the dancers are completely nude with the exception of various props such as lotion or hats. The girls at the Great Alaska Bush Company show all their goods up close and personal to the guys lining the stage. A dollar can get a guy up close and personal with the female figure in all its wondrous glory, and 20 dollars can get a guy a full lap dance from some very curvaceous women. The girls are friendly but not pushy like some other clubs, they make their rounds around the patrons asking if they would like a private dance but do not take offense if you decline. Some even sit with you and make decent conversation without expectation of payment, it seems they girls are not short on cash.

The girls are made up of some local talent along with handpicked girls that work for agencies, the girls at the Great Alaska Bush Company are what make it a great place. Most of the girls are in great shape and know how to shake their money maker, you do not notice many grenades working the club.

The Great Alaska Bush Company boast a decent sound system with rock and roll pumping till 2:30 in the morning, the club is always full of patrons every night of the week.  For the men of Alaska who brave the wilds and fish the seas of the northern seas to earn their money, their is no better place to unwind and savor the sights of naked females who aim to please at the Great Alaska Bush Company, located on the corner of International Airport and Old Seward highway in Anchorage.

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